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I share this information with you because of the great need for funding a National mental Health Consumer Office to ensure consumer representation provincially and locally as sanctioned by the Department of Health, Directorate Mental Health and Substance Abuse and national Social Work based organisations such as the SA Federation of Mental Health (SAFMH, part of the World Federation of Mental Health and NGO under the WHO) which have agreed to mentor such an office.

The first hurdle is to bring in place a budget to fund the necessary activities, some policy and recommendations as well as structure is in placed as agreed by former AGM and should be more finalised with the September AGM of the SAFMH. Many people do not know that the world average for people who during their lives could be diagnosed with a mental health condition is about one in four which reflects well with HIV and Aids sufferers which also could suffer from depression.

Many of us have our conditions life long and are now reintroduced in to society because of policy and therefore do not only need psychosocial services but also socio-economic upliftment to provide for ourselves than rely on others and government limited recourses.

We should number in South Africa about 10 million, but many does not know their condition, therefore can not be diagnosed to receive treatment. With one supporter we could constitute a majority anywhere in the world and not only South Africa.  As well worldwide need an effective service and facilities which are well funded to provide for it.

I feel we could use this example to work with Saint-Gobain Pipelines South Africa (Bestduty) in the Pretoria area by subcontracting some services with NPO’s such as YANA and to be fair Central Guateng could market the idea with their NPO’s with Falkirk in Randburg, to manufacture stands and accessories for the braais, we can even market them on our websites under my “The Power of One” philosophy which is available on my website

CENBIS in Centurion have recognised me as a one-man business and indicated to train me in finances and legalities as they do not work with article 21 companies but will allow me to outsource to NPO’s because they house both the voluntary workers and facilities, they have dedicated social workers and occupational therapist on site and is the most suitable work environment and management which even I can not replace. My idea is to rather reinvest profits in this business to provide for my in vestment in mental health and rather only draw a standard and acceptable salary according to performance than really to enrich myself as according to the philosophy of “The Power of One”

The workers will then fall under the employment act and will have to receive their contribution before deductions could be made which effectively empower them and provide a demonstration on their ability to cope with the South African business sector. Which may in the future allow them better employment or even their own entrepreneurship. Most of these NPO’s are already representative because of law and therefore should be suitable because of BEE and Equities Bill and protected also by the Mental Health Bill.

I know it is early stages but we need viable examples, determined drive and also business success to achieve these ambitious goals set out by “The Power of One” philosophy.

Attached are some photos of one of my effective and inexpensive braais, which cost me less than R350-00, all new after VAT. A good market price could be anything from R 700-00 to R 900-00. The garden No 20 pot I could purchase for close to R 180-00 new and is light and movable. It is made of concrete and fibreglass should be able to take the little heat as the lid only rest on it, and it provides the right height for braais and smaller potjies. I use the pot for my burnt-out wood and ashes mixed with cutting and leaves to make compost. It is not only environmentally friendly but also safe as it keeps hot coals until they burn out safely.

The lid of a No 25 cast iron pot I could purchase from the factory for less than R 150-00, I just turned it over in the pot and it fits perfectly and gave me a diameter of 50 cm. The cast iron won’t only last ages in comparison to other braais but it will heat up evenly and generate all the heat upwards with the coals because of its shape. A wooden lid could be made to make it an effective table for use.

Similar braais with much less quality are reaching prices of around R1000-00 for the same type of thing. This idea I share with you accordance my “The Power of One” philosophy which is laid out in my website which is downloadable with the download button to save time.

Lastly the old second-hand Cadac grid also fits it well. Either to provide a base for coals or a very low grid as a tripod frame is available at my Checkers Hypermarket for around R 21-00 to provide height for grills and flat bottom pots.



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