Reënboogkoekie /Rainbow biscuit


(The Mental Health Rainbow Biscuit, is the first “THE POWER OF ONEproduct. It is a gift to the nation and the world, bon appetite.)

Created by Jarret Clark on the eve of 04June2006 as the forerunner to the Mental Health Month of July and Youth Day as the mental health consumers contribution.

This biscuit is dedicated to Nelson Mandela, our former State President and his drive for African unity through our diversity.

(Robben Island was South Africa’s first mental institution from as early as 1700’s and only decommissioned from such service in the 1930’s. Many mental hospitals were former old military bases in South Africa, such as Fort Napier in Natal and Tara in Johannesburg was formerly known as the 134 Military Hospital.)



We are called The Rainbow Nation, but one part of this nation is not so well known for which we should all remember their contribution. I may refer to the Malayan people but to exclude the coloured people would be as unfairly to exclude the reset of South Africa. But the Cape Malay was instrumental for the creation of “DIE REëNBOOGKOEKIE” (The Rainbow Biscuit) as I am.

The main origins of just my grand parrents are from all of South Africa’s main European influences, “Coetzee” Dutch, “Muller” German, Minnaar (French Huguenot) and “Clark” UK 1820 Setlers (The second largest Scottish family, the Clan Chattan Confederation), and now African as the missing link in both as its descendant and origin of mental health at the same cradle of mankind.

The Afrikaans language should rather be known as the Rainbow language of our nation than which its recent past reveal, for precisely the instrumental role the Malay and coloured people (in particular the influence of the Genadendal community in the Western Cape) played who formed the language were disadvantaged during the birth of it as the other who were slaves and then disadvantaged again which my two Afrikaans poems “Politiek of Polimiek: and “Politiek in die Kombuis” reflect the true background.

For in truth Afrikaans is part of all the communities of the rainbow nation and I use it in these poems as a dedication to its origin and a dedication to those special culinary experience and wisdom these people also brought to us.

I can only say for in aid to those who may have sin in the past that it is not just for the wise to claim retribution in the name of the same sin. Rather embrace your lost brother and sister with the hospitality of this new Rainbow Biscuit and the language of all the people it also represents.

The Rainbow Biscuit was designed by me to be simple in procedure so that even a child can produce it under parental supervision, but still effective as a new addition to the South African culture and it compliments the initiatives of the African renaissance.

For those who want to make it, I hope I can convince you to become part of the “The Power of One”, united we stand for this mental health philosophy. However as part of this philosophy even if you don’t stand for “The Power of One” you still qualify as we still care and love you. I first present the two poems and then the procedure. Information of other products and services, poems, photographs, glass work, about the artist and of the “The Power of One” can be found on my website:

(Poems out of the book “A POET IN DISORDER”, ISBN 062034436-9, by the druid of Centurion.)


Ek sien kaboutertjies hier en kaboutertjies daar.
Hulle sê kry vir jou hier en kry vir jou daar.
Ek sê kry vir jou wat en kry vir jou waar?
Hulle sê kappertjies hier en kappertjies daar.

Ek sê kappertjies hier en kappertjies daar.
Hulle sê kry vir jou hier en kry vir jou daar.
Ek sê kry vir jou wat en kry vir jou waar?
Hulle sê kaboutertjies hier en kaboutertjies daar.

Ek sê kry vir julle hier en kry vir julle daar.
Hulle sê kry vir ons wat en kry vir ons waar?
Ek sê wragties waar hier en wragties waar daar,
hier's te veel politiek tussen hier en daar.



O, die Hertzoggies hier,
O, die Hertzoggies daar,
weg is die bitter smaak.
O, die Twee gesiggies hier,
O, die Twee gesiggies daar,
weg is die bitter smaak.

Ons vier met smoorsnoek
en moskonfyt
die nuwe eenheid met jolyt,
met ‘n soetwyntjie
en ‘n mistige reëntjie.

Die mooi nooi
met die lippe so rooi
bak reënboogkoekies
met liefdeshoekies
wat na vrede soek.

Weg is die ou koekie se smaak
en ‘n nuwe mens is gemaak
wat met liefde aan enigeen sal raak
met ‘n reënboogkoekie in die kaak.




(It should be Halaal and Kosher friendly but I am no authority on it and it is even more difficult for me to tell you it was a person with diabetes who designed it. The ribbon shape represents the rainbow and the 100’s &1000’s represents the colors, its taste hopefully as the future. To make it should cost you well under R 15-00 and the ingredients should be available in every town in South Africa.)


The ingredients:



Use puff-pastry, defrost according to instructions and use in cool environment if the pastry becomes to hot it becomes too soft to handle. Prepare a flat bowl with a cup of brown sugar and 75 grams of Trumps 100’s & 1000’s and mix it through.


Roll the pastry open but it is not necessary to role it out. Sprinkle the sugar mix over the top of the rolled out pastry. Fix the sugar mix to the pastry with a rolling pin; try to prevent the sugar mix to stick to the bottom of the pastry. It is better to leave the plastic lining in its place.

Then cut thin strips (+/- 5 to 7 millimeters) down the shorter side of the pastry (A, B and C). See the figure below.


TNow cut the pastry (long side) into three equal sides (A, B and C). See the figure below.


Then turn the thin strips in the shape of a ribbon, it helps to put some pressure at the crossing to fix it more securely. Place the clean side with no sugar mix on an oiled flat pan (the sugar caramelize and becomes very sticky with hot syrup, try to keep it from the pan).  Place the filled pan in a pre heated oven of between 200 to 220 degrees Celsius. See the figure below.


Most of the syrup which melts does the same as with a “koeksister” it draws into the pastry displaying the 100’s and 1000’s and when it dries out it strengthens the form of the biscuit. The biscuit should be watched for browning as the time given (12 min) is not a perfect time and only an indication.

The biscuits will cool down quickly and becomes firm and can then be placed in a suitable container to keep it dry.


THE CHEF’S NOTE: For those who tried my first explanation and failed, it was my fault, I should have warned you to avoid getting sugar mix at the bottom of the pastry. But this concept is still in an experimental phase and anybody is free to take it further.

I use a pizza knife (roller) to cut the pastry, it is much more efficient

. I also wet the pastry slightly with water when full of flower or to dry, but don’t make it to wet and make sure the sugar mix cover it well, to achieve the best presentation.

It is also possible to make larger versions of The Rainbow Biscuit, but it will need some experimentation. The Rainbow Biscuit also represent mental health over a board spectrum, as the colors can be bought separate and use accordingly to represent mental health issues as depression in HIV and Aids + Heart disease patients (Red Rainbow Biscuit), Cancer patients in their color or other mental health social issues such as war or conflict, child and women abuse victims in their color.


From “The Power of One” United we stand in mental health



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