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The idea of “The Power of One” was founded by The House of Clark (We invest in your mental health) and part of its Phoenix Project which facilitates self-help groups for mental health (psychosocial rehabilitation assistance & socio-economic upliftment of mental health service users.)

The logo is available everybody in the Microsoft Office Clip Art under the Art section file “Animals, Bremen Town Musicians”, which is a relevant story to this philosophy. See end of this document for a possible route file. It is based on the fable “The Musicians of Bremen by the Czech artist, Karel Teissig.


“The Power of One” is a proposal launched at every individual in the world who is a service user of mental health services or their supporter. We in developing countries find our mental health services under both a financial burden on developing mental health services and the lack of mental health consumer’s representatives, nationally, provincially and even locally.

“The Power of One” is for everybody in the world who individually is a mental health consumer or associates themselves with such consumers in alliance to their cause. Therefore participate in the support of their initiatives and projects such as communications of both the curse and blessings of mental illness, advocacy, development of own mental health services and infrastructure, protection of their human rights, ending stigma and discrimination, psychosocial rehabilitation assistance & socio-economic upliftment.


If you support it “YOU” are in control and a joint founder of this concept. The House of Clark (Which is just another name for one person’s business) is only like you an equal partner to it and a co-founder.

We are all equal partners to the concept of sharing knowledge, skills and resources freely with only one request for each individual involved. That is to support a recognized national mental health consumer office, it sub structures and associated national and international bodies. This consumer office must be under the control of mental health consumers themselves although they can be assisted by those individuals who support them.

We do not refer to more than the individual in “The Power of One” because we recognize each person even if they are a group or organization. We do not see the group as one but each individual living person of that group as one and equal to us.

With mental health consumers we term it as those diagnosed with mental illness in process or stabilized, disabled or in remission, the mentally disabled by birth or by brain damage, individuals using psychological or psychiatric related services which are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the “The World Federation of Mental Health” as a mental health services.


All you have to do to become part of it is to support it, just be there in the cause of those around you and help them directly as they should do for you. It is based on a global and equal brotherly and sisterly love. We do not discriminate between individuals on any bases. We are not focused on politics, power, control, religion, other than supporting the mental health cause.

Therefore is “The Power of One”, you the individual only in relation to those like you and not an organization by it self, it is only an individual philosophy of your own interpretation. Other organizations associated and related who are supported by you and others act as greater influential bodies.

The idea of “The Power of One” is by developing each other through shared ideas, skills, information and recourses as individuals we can directly influence the environment around us. We must remember that on average one out of five to four people could in their lives be diagnosed for one or other psychological or psychiatric disorder. This in effect is about one in each family.

If just one more family member supports you, you have about fifty percent of the worlds support in a perfect world. One more addition and you will form a majority in the world, we may not all reveal ourselves personally but in the name and philosophy of “The Power of One”, we all can unite in mental health. If this happens people will notice the needs and rights of the mental health consumers.

But we are kept in secret and in confidentiality apart as mostly individuals who as a major group are rather not represented by ourselves but by others. No other groups in the world with our numbers are represented in such away. No wonder do secrecy in any person or group lead the community to suspicion, due to lack of information and knowledge breads ignorance which eventually develops stigma and discrimination.

With the “The Power of One”, you as an individual mental health consumer is no longer alone and have friends world wide who will support you through the same philosophy and cause. Without marching the streets and demanding, we take the matter to ourselves by our own abilities, skills, knowledge and recourses. We develop ourselves and others like us, first directly those around us and then those elsewhere in the globe. The little you do may not seem much by it self but if we all as a group jointly are creative and constructive in our efforts we amount to more than the national effort by other recourses.

Say South Africa has a population of forty million people and one out of four or five could be diagnosed and use the mental health services and they individually donate one Rand to the national consumer office everyday just because they benefited from “The Power of One”.

The national consumer office for mental health consumers will receive more than three billion Rand per year a lone. This is far greater than the national budget for mental health; we would also be in the position to help our neighbors and others. But the national and related consumer offices are not “The Power of One” but only the beneficiaries of our efforts as joint individuals on our own cause and philosophy. We are responsible for ourselves and those we influence or use.


I have written some poetry books and at the moment published one which is on the market, see my website; The book at the moment sells for R60-00 without postage. The one bookstore who I will not mention, wanted 45 percent discount alone before their initial markup and other added requests from my original prices.

I would rather happily sell the book on my website and through the assistance of mental health organizations including to the individuals of “The Power of One” and donate about 30 percent of the books profits to the national mental health consumer office were we as consumers can all benefit, than just that bookstore.

For I will rather recognize all your individual effort by those of “The Power of One” as I am one of you and those associated with us and contribute my recognition to your cause, than to somebody else’s unrelated cause.

What is more in South Africa, if that consumer office is part or itself part of a recognized organization by law, I could claim a portion of my donation back from my tax when I am paying tax. Even if you are just an individual who donates, you can claim a portion back from the receiver.


As a member of “The Power of One” I do not contribute financially to any organisation, but just talk, listen and assist fellow consumers and supporters constructively. I have equally contributed as we do not measure contributions at all. For those individuals benefited from your help and effort.

I do similar things in my effort to establish the South African National Mental Health Consumer Office. I pay for and provide mostly for everything, the telephone account, petrol, maintenance of the car, house individuals, feed them, talk and help them, this document and concept and even other things.

This alone amount up to much which I must fund by myself through other means which I can not currently claim a portion back from the receiver. But I do it because I am one of you “The Power of One” and I care for all of you, and your assistance and care, I will cherish you as you did for me.


I work Mondays as a chef in one of the local restaurants mainly to pay my weekly maid and assistance of individuals I now refer to as “The Power of One”. With whom do I share my abilities, skills and resources. I have learned that the local people love my version of bar snacks made from pastry. I did not keep it for myself in patent or secret.

I first establish the viability and profitability of this effort, as well as the suitability of the product for fellow member of “The Power of One”. Once there is a demand I could not satisfy by myself I would contact other members of the “The Power of One”, as I do not care if they subscribe to my philosophy but qualify as service users or supporters anyway. I am still benefiting them and the mental health consumer movement.

I will soon teach or reveal to them how to make the product, its budgeting and marketing. We could work as a joint force or independent, but always each one as an individual by themselves. Even if we work separate or in competition, I do not mind because my first point was to make the contribution and if this person is better competition I still succeeded in helping this person, and I have done a very good job of it. It is now that persons turn and privilege to help and assist me.

I could even take my idea, skills and resources to group homes in my region and start up a small local factory with its individual members and we all can benefit as “The Power of One”. Anybody or organization can use the term “The Power of One” on their products or documents as long as the mental health consumers and associates directly benefit from it.

I could make a demonstration video or use other media and send it world wide to benefit other communities and individuals who may subscribe to the philosophy of “The power of One” or not, so long as they or other mental health consumers can benefit.


I combine all my art and knowledge in communications, sending a message somehow. For instance I now make art pieces of silk flowers by making theme gardens such as fairy gardens, which may include lights and little motors for added effect. I do not intend to sell these art pieces but rather rent them out on the short and long term by contract.

For if I sell it I will make money once but loose it permanently from out of my control. If I rent it I can determine a monthly income over a long period which amount to much more than my initial profits, I can maintain and complete the art to its full glory and not be driven by market forces to make it as cheaply as possible. Even if I once again become ill and permanently disabled, my works can still provide income and joy for me through their rentals even if other people would assist me.

 Therefore can I out of my profit and income as a member of “The Power of One” contribute financially a donation, but also provide to sustain myself even when disable without relying on or become a tax burden to others. Or I can employ and train other people of “The Power of One” where we jointly even can contribute more to our cause. I can even help others to start up their own businesses or franchises in the cause of “The Power of One”.


We from “The Power of One” have to ask the question, “When is a person mentally ill or considered sane?” And if mental illness shaped modern mankind’s ability to be such an advanced society, we need to consider the works of Dr. David Horrobin, “The Madness of Adam + Eve, How Schizophrenia Shaped Humanity”, and the work of Dr, Darold A. Treffert, “Extraordinary People, an Exploration of the Savant Syndrome”, and its relation in particular to childhood schizophrenia. I only mention this as one fact to the blessing of mental illness, but other constructive factors also play a role as the loving dedication of the people with autism and other such strengths in other conditions.

As I quote a small piece from the prologue page xix, ‘These cases represent Childhood Schizophrenia or the onset of schizophrenia, a major mental illness, in child-adolescent years. While savant skills are seen in some of these patients, the incidence is not nearly as high in this group as in the autistic group.” I quote further from prologue page xx, “I found that the parents of these children had higher educational level than did the parents of childhood psychiatric patients with other disorders.”

Now I quote from Dr. David Horrobin’s book, pages 21-22, “The greatest achievers are rarely schizophrenic themselves – although the 1994 Nobel Laureate in Economics, John Nash, was an exception to this rule. The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein was possibly another, and during some periods of their lives both Isaac Newton and Immanuel Kant could easily have been diagnosed as schizophrenic. At least one recent Nobel prize-winner, whose name is well known beyond his own field, is schizophrenic.

However, with surprising frequency, individuals with whom thinkers and achievers share one-half, one-quarter or one-eighth of their genes are schizophrenic or have bipolar disorder, another serious mental illness which is now being recognized as related to schizophrenia. The greatest creative achievements in art, science, music, business and politics have often been made by those who share a portion of a schizophrenic inheritance.

At least three recent biomedical Nobel prize-winners have schizophrenic children. It is this association between family history of schizophrenia and extra-ordinary achievement that has made me suspect that the biochemical changes which produce schizophrenia are closely related to the biochemical changes which made us human.” I am sure there are many further examples by other authorities to support these findings, and I believe we can find such examples of benefits in other well controlled and maintained conditions.

Just consider the work “Love, Medicine and Miracles” by Dr Bernard S. Siegel who worked with terminal patients. I quote him on page 3, “I personally feel that we do have biological “live” and “die” mechanisms within us. Other doctors’ scientific research and my own day-to-day clinical experience have convinced me that the state of the mind changes the state of the body by working through the central nervous system, the endocrine system, and immune system.

Peace of mind sends the body a “live” message, while depression, fear, and unresolved conflict give it a “die” message. Thus all healing is scientific, even if science can’t yet explain exactly how the unexpected “miracles” occur.” This quotation can be strengthened with the basic principals of the work “Holism and Evolution” of General Jan C. Smuts who coined the term “Holism” and which was the origin of the Gestalt philosophy.

I quote further from page 3 and 4 as I think it is relevant we as consumers follow this advice in principal, “However, exceptional patients also are loving, and thus understand the difficulties a physician faces. In most cases, my advice to a dissatisfied patient is to give the doctor a hug. Usually this makes the doctor more willing to respond to the patient’s needs, because you become an individual to your physician and are treated as an individual, not a disease. You become what I affectionately term “crazy.”

I can only see how busy the few doctors and psychologists are treating the masses in need, when I have to sit in an important yearly meeting for mental health at the National Department of Health, Directorate Mental Health and Substance Abuse and both the representatives from psychiatry and psychology are not present. The problem may be that those we treat have become numbers and statistics according to the formulas of the diagnosis, prognosis and its standard treatment.

I can recall one occasion when a psychiatrist who never saw me and only heard of my work and said I suffer from “grandiosity”. I can only reply that I understand he is human and an individual and therefore not perfect and even with all his pigeon holed “brandiosity” I still love him. Unfortunately I could not give him a hug, but to help other patients who became just part of his impersonal and set process I should have.

I am quite sure some people will be emotional by now, I am just testing your emotional intelligence as the work “Emotional Intelligence, Why it can matter more than IQ” by Daniel Goleman. I quote Aristotle, “The Nicomacbean Ethics”, “Anyone can become angry – that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way – this is not easy.”

By now I think we may have more additions to our consumers of mental health, for I know the minds reason as I will only refer to the work “The Moral Animal, why we are the way we are” by Robert Wright. But the demonstration was only to reveal our humanity which is not perfect as my poem “The Eccentric” reveals and that we must caution against our conditioning as to the perception of a perfect world and treatment of our patients and fellow consumers of mental health.

For I value the work of psychiatrists and psychologists greatly and see them as the doctors of the soul as the works of Dr Viktor. Frankl, “The Doctor and the soul” and “Man’s search for meaning”.

He knew how to survive the Nazi concentration camps and knew how deep an individual have to go existentially to turn mental illness form a curse to a benefit. You even have to change the professional minds that treat you as if we fall in the stagnant condition of reason and moralize that consumers just have an illness and not the blessings of it. We indirectly become conditioned by that reason and moralizing which we expect to be the behavior of our patients and peers. Not only would the service providers act in such expectation but also the patients and supporters as an indirect response to such conditioning.

I will only say to those of “The Power of One” we can learn from our health care providers and supporters to as I refer to the work, “Coping with Schizophrenia, a guide for families” by Kim T. Mueser, Ph.D. and Susan Gingerich, M.S.W. That their chapter “Improving Quality of Life” are relevant to people with schizophrenia, there should be such chapters for each individual and all consumers of the mental health services (for I knew even a medical doctor who have schizophrenia and how he tried to cope in his profession) .

Those who consider mental health consumers with only mental illness with no or little blessings are equally wrong as those who consider it as the perfect and creative condition of blessings. For this world is dualistic, good and bad, but we must see and consider a holistic world in our approach, for as a mental health service provider we should treat more than just the bad and dark side of our clients. This work aims to balance this view by emphasizing the blessing side but should not be confused as our holistic view.

With The Power of One must we become responsible and wise people of our own, represent ourselves as I try to do, not only for me but others to. We are all human even our doctors and supporters.

Therefore must we from “The Power of One” who control our condition rather seen as extra-ordinary people than mentally ill, for if we ever effectively should genetically treat this as only an illness we may also effectively stop our evolution and advancement as mankind. We as extraordinary people of “The Power of One”may have the curse of what some term mental illness must remember that we also have much blessing in it to.

It is like our world as I said before, dualistic, 50 percent good and 50 percent bad, and because of the limitations of our minds we can only see a selected part of this world. Therefore can we choose what we want to see and call it our world and this account for all people in the world. See my attached poem “The Eccentric”, it to make the same observation and it was written much earlier in my life.

I can only say Dr Sigmund Feud was wise as I quote him from his work “2. New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis”, page 90, “Mental patients are split and broken structures of this same kind. Even we can not withhold from them something of the reverential awe which peoples of the past felt for the insane. They have turned away from external reality, but for that very reason they know more about internal, psychical reality and can reveal a number of things to us that would otherwise be inaccessible to us.”

If it were not for us, those who call us just the mentally ill and those who stigmatize and discriminate against us would not enjoy their great modern sanity and wealth, but will most probably still be hanging from the trees.

But because our great numbers are not united, self represented and kept confidential, the same secrecy which should keep us out of harms way, divide us from our numbers, suppress our true representation by our own and like most secret organizations and people who the community always find suspicious and ignorant, always laid the very foundation of the origin of stigma and discrimination. 


Prove the truth of the matter, the latter said;
how can one be better or more centre
than the normal or those we call normal,
how could this all happen without aid?

Yes! it's possible my friend and not in vain,
we find it in the truth, the truth of our world,
moments of time don't lie nor laws of nature.
With such instruments we can prove what the latter said.

We made for ourselves things to hold the world,
we shuffle them in to form, deep at mind.
We share this abstract thought by another,
we then call it safe and feel at home.

The real truth my friend is not abstract,
it's our minds that produce abstract thought.
We have no vastness of mind, only limits,
these form abstract truths to understand. 

The centre of the world axis on the truth,
if Man was there it could be no better,
if society were close, they wouldn't need support.
Yet one man can be more centre and still be alone.

By the Druid of Centurion and member of “The Power of One”


We are all “The Power of One”, united we stand for mental health as a majority not only locally, nationally but internationally to. We may be individuals and we may still remain confidential but in our actions and contributions we still speak and are members of “The Power of One”.

Those who come in the open, I know the risks as I am one of you. I did not mention my name in this document for I am not greater or better that any other member of “The Power of One” and it should remain so. Believe me I am not silent and hide in secrecy as I am one of the most active mental health consumers in South Africa. But you will know when somebody mentions “The Power of One” what it stands for and what it means.

There is people, individuals like you out there who love and who will help you. I will use “The Power of One” on my products and services, but it is not only my brand name or philosophy but those of each individual who subscribe to it. I may not be here tomorrow to continue helping you, but with “The Power of One”, I definitely left you in good hands.

I greet you, in the individualistic philosophy of “THE POWER OF ONE”, united we stand for mental health.

International tell +27 (12) 663-3452 or mobile +27 722321917
Local tell (012) 6633452 or mobile 0722321917.

Address:           “The Power of One”
                        29 Belgrano
                        South Africa

The route for the logo of “The Power of One” is if in your C drive; C:\program files\Microsoft office\media\cntcd1\clipart8\j0346661.wmf (However this is only an indication and your system may be different.)



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