Sequential notes as matter first came to the authors mind. - VOLUME A

By The Duid of Centurion

To the mental health service users who have “A Will to Healing” and those who should not devalue, stigmatize and abuse them, who have “A Will to Exploitation” to become human again..






  FOREWORD 30 Mankind the ever better evil
  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 31 The cosmic battle
1 When Man becomes obsolete 32 It’s the imperfect world’s scriptures
2 The majority can not be right 33 The Gentiles versus the Crusaders
3 Humans act as demigods 34 Living with the thorns
4 To use individual talents 35 I see gods of war not Love
5 Gentiles one 36 Realist which lost their home
6 The greatest professor 37 The Gentile and Holistic Evolution
7 Human minds limited 38 The original evolution of personality
8 The misunderstood synthesist 39 Only blind man are so lazy to fall victim
9 Modern Pharisees 40 They still crucify God’s work as the PEST
10 Final judgement Caesar answers to God 41 The Greatest Covenant
11 The Ego must remain the servant 42 Mankind the fool
12 The dog the wiser 43 The Perfect Spiritual Storm
13 Demons are D-humans 44 Repentance alone will not save you
14 Tollgates at the Temple 45 The grandeur of mankind
15 The loving sword of truth 46 It takes great effort to find wisdom
16 The five percent psychopaths 47 The PEST of Caesar and Servant of GOD
17 The ignorance of democratic Man 48 Volumes of laws while they can not keep to scriptures
18 Mental Health Proxy Watchdogs 49 The true facts of wisdom
19 The rulers of God 50 Only the afraid will persecute me
20 If all serve there be no true poor 51 “Die bitter koppie”, the bitter cup
21 It is natures drive to procreate 52 No fair-weather bird
22 Mortal Dreams 53 Man on the Moon
23 The Sabbath’s seventh moment 54 The Creator of Smuts
24 The mob which wants to control God 55 The true sage
25 Man’s greed for power 56 The perfect Truth and Love
26 Mental Health Martyrdom 57 As the thief in the night
27 Can’t bent the truth of light  
28 Collective justification false  
29 Its Man’s borders not Nature’s  


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